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AVAKS is a leader in the distribution and reselling of consumer electronics in the Russian market. We are mainly focused on innovative electronics devices with strong growth dynamics. We work with state level retail networks, specialized outlets and many e-shops all across Russia. We also offer dropshipping services, which allow online entrepreneurs and marketers to access our product portfolio.

We have learned over the years how to create demand for our products, using a wide range of advertising tools (TV, social networks, opinion leaders, web portals and magazines, etc.).

We constantly add to our product portfolio new brands and new categories. We are looking for any new goods, wherever they can be found, which solve new needs and deliver them to those who need them, wherever they were. We began our work with manufacturers and suppliers in Russia. Today we are actively working to find partners all over the world.

+ 146% YoY Growth
1000 + Retail stores
Bell - A perfect theme

Competitive Advantages


We fully adapt every product in our portfolio to Russian customers (manual, package, app, etc.)

Service centers

Our partner service centers cover the large territory of the Russian Federation

Sales Mechanisms Investigation

For every product, we research online and offline best practices for high efficiency sales

Strong promotion

We work with bloggers with a cumulative reach over 30M+ people

Effective distribution

Building MSRP monitoring tools and strong focus on partner sell-out

Lean Sales Execution

Efficient logistics, versatile stock allocation, smart CRMs


Our current portfolio of brands is very diverse: from home robots and educational toys to innovative headphones and various gadgets. In our portfolio, everyone can find something for himself, regardless of gender, age and interests.


We work with the strongest companies in the field of retail in Russia. Our model of cooperation is based on deep integration into the business processes of our counterparties in order to reach maximum mutual effectiveness. Thanks to this, we achieve high sell-out performance.


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  • Office hours: on workdays, from 9:00 to 19:00